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We ordered a total of twenty memorial candles to celebrate the beautiful life of my mother. I cannot even express into words how special these items were to have at her service for our family and friends to take home with them and continue to honor her. Everything came beautifully packaged! I since have placed three more orders to comfort friends of mine who have unfortunately lost loved ones recently. What a beautiful shop full of meaningful products to personally honor the ones we love.

Elizabeth • Colorado Springs, CO.

Was in tears after finding this shop. We lost our son last year when he was 17. His birthday is approaching and we have been dreading celebrating the day without him. Coming across the beautiful birthday candles on your website I knew instantly how comforting it would be for us to light a candle on his special day. While it will never replace life without him, what a special moment it will be for us to gather together and honor him in this way. This will be a new tradition we will carry on for years. Thank you for the work you do.

Amber • Springfield, OH.

We lost our baby to stillbirth last month. A friend sent us a gift from your shop including one of your memorial candles with our baby girl’s name on it. Seeing her name was so comforting to my husband and myself. Since our loss, most don’t want to bring up her name in fear it will upset us, but the opposite is true. We want to remember her and celebrate her and there was something so special about our friend recognizing this and acknowledging our grief but also her life. Our baby girl’s name was Charlotte. I will definitely be ordering again for myself and also friends. Thank you for creating for families like ours.

Candace • Mesa, AZ.

After my wife miscarried, I searched for a gift to give her. Since we didn’t know the gender it has been hard to find something to remember the baby by because we don’t have a name. I bought your angel bracelet and my wife loves it and wears it every day. It’s a subtle reminder for her and often tells me she loves when people ask her what the wings mean or what they are for. It gives her a chance to talk about the baby we loved so much.

Mike • Tampa, FL.