The Savannah Candle
The Savannah Candle

The Savannah Candle

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Sweet Savannah, your light will never fade, it will shine in our hearts forever...

We ask that you join with us in remembering and celebrating Savannah on both her upcoming angel day, June 10th and her birthday, June 20th. Let us light the world for her as she did for all of us!

Proceeds from the sale of this candle will be donated to The Savannah Piper Clifford Foundation in Savannah’s memory. Additionally, your candle will come delivered with a special memorial card in memory of Savannah. (shown in the 2nd photo)

*Orders for this candle will remain open until May 14th. These candles will begin shipping on May 28th.

Scent: Heavenly Summer - notes of vanilla and coconut 


SPREAD THEIR LIGHT - DONATE ONLY OPTION: In lieu of purchasing a candle, you can choose to donate directly instead. Simply choose the donate only option from the scroll menu to donate in memory of Savannah. Your donation will be added to our grand total donation given to The Savannah Piper Clifford Foundation. We thank you for your supporting in spreading Savannah’s light onto others. *With this option, you agree upon not receiving a physical candle.

About Savannah & The Savannah Piper Clifford Foundation:

Savannah Piper was a healthy thriving toddler.  Six months prior to her passing, Savannah suffered from a 50 minute long complex focal febrile seizure. It was declared as “normal “and the MRI brain scan came back “normal “as well. There were no signs or any cause to worry according to the neurologist and the second opinion sought. On the morning of June 10, 2019, Savannah was discovered in her bed, she had abruptly and tragically passed silently in the night without even a notion that anything was wrong days prior. She was put to sleep as a healthy and happy almost two-year-old. Instead of planning her second birthday party, we planned her funeral. She didn’t open presents; we closed her casket.

She was buried the day after her second birthday. To this day there are ZERO answers as to why Savannah is gone. Research for Sudden Unexplained Death in Children receives ZERO public funding. How will we ever know why hundreds of children in the USA alone are dying in their sleep annually. We want to share her light; we want you to know and cherish this love. Savannah brought her family so much love and joy. Savannah was a gift we all shared for almost two years, we have the privilege to know her and to call her ours.


We want Savannah’s story to be told, may it impact your lives in some way for the greater good, whether it is helping us find a way to a solution to save lives or just changing your perspective and educating people that this occurs on a daily basis. We strive to gain knowledge on why this is occurring. We want people to understand the importance of time and unconditional love and to know that each day is a gift and cannot be expected and as young or old you may be, we never know how much time we have to live. Savannah will forever shine as our endless torch, our brightest star, for she is our sun, we will rise as it does every day to continue her legacy.