Looking to partner with us on a candle fundraiser or want to learn more about how supporting our fundraisers makes a difference?

Here you will find answers to how our fundraisers work, how you can start your own fundraiser, turn around times for open fundraisers along with many of our other frequently asked questions.

NOW BOOKING for 2021 Fundraisers:

Interested in creating a custom personalized candle to honor your loved one for a special event or day in celebration of their memory? Our fundraiser collection candles are specifically designed to honor your loved one’s unique personality. Please read in full below before ordering.

Starting a fundraiser:

To start your fundraiser process, please first purchase this listing: Fundraiser Design Fee 

This listing is for the $15 custom design fee + sample candle to begin your fundraising candle collaboration. Once this fee is paid, we will begin working on your custom design based off of your specifications and finalize design and details after proof is sent.

1. Once this listing is purchased, please email: with your order number. We then will begin discussing the date these candles will be needed by as well as all details of your loved one to best honor them.

2. Based on our conversation, we will then design a proof for both a candle label and memorial card for you to approve.

3. Once a proof is approved, we will photograph the candle and get it listed on our website along with any wording you would like to include, honoring your loved one’s life as well as when to light the candles. Once the listing is complete, we will then send you the direct link for sharing with your family and friends for everyone to order. Sharing via social media, in group messages or even through an event email/ page are just a few of the ideas we have heard work best from our previous customers. Once everyone has received their candles, you can set up either a virtual event lighting ceremony or gather together in person for a candle lighting.

4. After your family and friends have all ordered, and your order timeline is closed out, candles will go into production and all ship directly to each person who has ordered.

5. When all candles have been shipped and delivered, we then donate a portion of proceeds from each sale, to the foundation, organization or charity of your desire in your loved one’s memory.

*A few of the important dates we have previously created memorial candles for have been: birthday celebrations, passing anniversaries, what would have been a high school graduation, bat-mitzvah or quinceanera as well as 1st birthday celebrations for sweet babies born sleeping.


 Q: I purchased a fundraiser candle last week, when can I expect to receive it?

A: Each fundraiser has its own timeline and delivery date. Please be sure to read the full listing description of the fundraiser you are supporting for turn around time and shipping date.

Q: I am looking to raise funds for a family in need, can you send the donation money raised in form of a check made out to an individual?

A: Due to the legality limitations of donations being that we are not set up as a non-profit, all donations have to be run through either a foundation or non-profit organization. For business purposes we have to show proof of a donation being made via a receipt given at the time the donation is transferred.

Q: Can you create a custom candle with a company logo on it if our company would like to raise funds for a charity event?

A: Absolutely. We have worked with various companies, organizations and foundations to help them raise funds for their own missions. We offer discounted bulk pricing for those wishing to raise funds if you would like to purchase the candles outright from us and sell them at your own event or we offer to list the candles on our site as we do with our other fundraisers and donate proceeds once orders have been closed out. We can design any label to fit with your branding or event.