Honoring the life of your loved one can be a heavy process and with social distancing in place, traditional funerals or celebration of life gatherings have become difficult to organize. Regardless of your location, My Missing Piece will hold your hand along the way and help create a meaningful tribute to honor the one you carry in your heart.

Our custom memorial candles, memorial keepsake cards and angel pins are a beautiful addition to any service or can replace the traditional memorial service. As you gather your family and friends (in person or virtually) to honor your loved one, these small details are personalized to specifically honor the life they lived.

If your loved ones are located across the country, you might consider our fundraiser candle option, where a custom candle will be created to honor the life of your loved one. Once the design is complete, we list the candle, then send a shareable link to you for your family and friends to purchase. These candles will ship directly to those that order along with a personalized memorial card honoring your loved one. Proceeds from each sale of your candle will donated directly to your charity of choice in your loved ones name.

We offer special pricing for bulk orders, discounts for fallen heroes and first responders, along with gift certificates for those that would like to help fund these gifts for a family member or friend’s service. Please contact us to place your custom order at