Giving Back

This page is dedicated to previous families and organization that we have been able to bless by your purchases. We would like to continuously lift these individuals up with prayer and support. 

 Stevie Lynn Stock -  May 2020 | We were honored to donate profits from each sale of our Stevie’s Light candle to the Stock Family in Stevie’s honor. Stevie was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor (DIPG), with a 0% survival rate in April 2020 and passed just weeks later. Her sweet smile touched thousands and her light will continue to forever shine bright among the stars...

 River Kelly Smith - June 2020 & May 2021 | We created the #LiveLikeRiv candle to honor the life of sweet River Kelly Smith. His love of Lightening McQueen inspired the design and captured his fun and bright personality. We are honored to donate a portion of each sale of River’s candle to the - created by Amber & Granger Smith. River was just 3 years old when he met Jesus, after a sudden drowning accident, and will forever be remembered by his red hair blowing in the wind and his sweet and kind nature.

Nick Cordero - July 2020 | Honoring the beautiful life of Broadway actor and musical artist, Nick Cordero with proceeds being donated to

Lilly Bumpus - September 2020 | Lilly is a 9 year old cancer survivor beating the odds and showing everyone that even in our toughest fights, we still can believe that miracles will happen! We partnered with the Team Lilly Foundation for childhood cancer awareness month to honor the little fighters flying with golden wings along with lighting the way for those that are fighting today.

Crew Turner Leach - September & December 2020 | Crew  was just 3 months old when on Christmas Day, he met Jesus while sleeping peacefully. His first birthday celebration in September is one that was shared around the world as candles were lit in his honor, then again on Christmas Day in his memory. Funds raised were given to the Leach family, who collectively purchased gifts for the children and families at Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

Kohltan Ward - October 2020

Milo Lance Bingham - November 2020 & February 2021

John Mahlke - December 2020

Maverick Daniel Hamming - December 2020

Daisy Xiong - December 2020

Ali Herbert - December 2020

Jackson Walsh - February 2021

Benjamin Lewis - March 2021

Gizelle Rose - February 2021

Sydney Wahlenmaier - March 2021

Hayes Tate - March 2021

Benjamin Amador - April 2021

Tristyn Bailey - May 2021

Savannah Piper Clifford - June 2021

Garret - June 2021

Case Michael Andreas - August 2021

Ella - August 2021

Jodi - September 2021

Reagan Lou - September 2021